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Best Secrets to Reconciliation

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Reconciliation after separation statiscs

If you are considering reconciliation after separation, it would be a good idea to consider the following statistics.


The statistics about reconciliation after separation are very interesting, the following information is from couples in the United States:

In the United States 1 of every 10 couples that have been separated reach reconciliation. We are talking about 10%. That is a relatively high percentage for someone who is looking for reconciliation after separation.

The percentage is much higher among women. 1 of every 3 women that leans toward reconciliation after separation attain reconciliation. If you are a woman that is thinking about reconciliation after a separation you have many options.

These statistics are only for marriages within the United States, data varies greatly for those who have only been together without a legal marriage or children.


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Reconciliation after separation steps

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reconciliation after separation

Reconciliation after separation

Reconciliation after separation is not easy but it is possible.  Without question there are many reasons that lead to separation and in some cases separation is necessary.

There are factors that will gradually break down a relationship it never happens from one day to the next but rather it is a break down day by day, step by step.  It could be a result of things that we stop saying or things we stop doing that would strengthen the relationship, but it is gradual and many times stems from a lack of communication.  It could be a result of putting the family in second place and especially the act of establishing intimate relationships with others can lead to a relationship ending in separation.  Because of the gradual nature of the separation, reconciliation after separation also has to be gradual it cannot return to how it was over night it has to be gradual, step by step, day by day.  The following are some ideas for those who are considering reconciliation after separation.

1 Motives

First and foremost we need to understand that each case is different.  Some people arrive at the decision of separation because of financial problems.  Some situations where children are involved require added consideration.  Other cases are simply the matter of falling out of love or after time has passed realizing that we are no longer best friends.  The key to reconciliation after separation is to do it for the rights reasons.  To get back together solely for financial reasons, comfort and ease, or because of what others say is not motive enough for reconciliation.  The true motives should be the love you have one for the other.  We do not know what we have until we lose it and many times we do not realize how much we love someone until that someone is no longer at our side.  If our reason for wanting to achieve reconciliation after separation is that we truly miss our ex and is motivated by love then reconciliation is recommended.

2 Change

Being able to recognize and identify motives is the first step, the next step is to make the necessary changes.  “Where there used to be a fire, embers remain.”  We need to understand where there used to be love once there can be love again and you need to believe that it is possible.  A good idea would be to do a deep analysis on how the relationship arrived at the separation.  No matter how much of the responsibility your partner has for the separation, the evaluation should be personal.  You need to evaluate where we went wrong and what could we have done better thinking of the relationship you had with your partner.  It would be good to make a list of things that we should change to help reach reconciliation.  A critical step is to work to make those changes before reconciliation.  Some are willing to make the changes after the reconciliation, but true power comes when we act in faith and make the changes before.  You need to believe that you can change and you will be able to change.  It may be necessary to leave behind a bad habit, an addiction, some friends, certain hobbies, and sometimes even work.  If it is necessary to change part of your personality or character we need to do its if it is love that is our motivation then it is worth it!  Love is one of the things that is worth fighting for in this life.  When we are old we will realize that one of the only things that matters to us is to finish life next to the one we have loved.

3 Remember

The third step is to remember.  A key toward reconciliation after separation is to return to those moments when the relationship began. Obviously things were completely different than they are now, but do not forget, “what we used to be.”  How and why did we fall in love?  What did your partner love about you?  These are questions we should be asking ourselves.  We should become the person that we used to be.  After you take time to remember it is important to help your ex remember as well.  A conversation with an ex where the conversation centers on memories shared and the good times together will help both parties feel more sensitive and open to future reconciliation.  Focusing on the positive and not only on the negative aspects of when you were together will help.

4 Planning

The fourth step is to plan.  Reconciliation is a process and because of this it is important to plan and to set goals and steps to follow.  You can plan dates, how to become friends again, a special gift, etc.  If someone thinks that after a separation a call is enough, that a text or an email will be sufficient to get back together they are very wrong.  Many times reconciliation is going to mean time.  Time and patience are necessary. That which takes create will last longer.  A goal should not be to immediately start holding hands or to be kissing again after the first encounter.  If we want to do this right, it will be key to take it a step at a time start by re-establishing a friendship, with time love and the rest will come on its own.

5 Be Patient and Persistent

The last advice is to be patient and persistent, but respecting the decision of the of the other person.  Sometimes people need time but sometimes people really want a change.  It is important to discern clearly when it is time to continue and when it is time to stop.  There will be cases when we need to stop insisting, allowing them time and space They may be the ones after that want to come back to us; we will need to be humble and give the relationship another opportunity.  Whatever the case may be, one of the most important keys to reconciliation after separations will be patience.

In conclusion, the question is: Is it worth it?  And if it is worth it, are we willing to pay the price?  If what we are fighting for is the love of our life, perhaps the reasons for our existence, we should do all that is necessary to reach reconciliation and set aside pride and personal interests.  It is worth it!  If, after all we can do, nothing happens as a result, we can be with a calm conscious that we did our part.  But if it does work we will have won one of the most difficult battles of life which is to believe in love and that we can change.  Reconciliation after separation is difficult but it is not impossible.  If we follow these suggestions it will be more possible to reach reconciliation.  To end, we should understand that solving a problem is never more important than loving a person.